At Heldhaftig Yoga, we offer classes for everyone: for the curious first timers, yogi’s who want to take it a bit slower and those who want to fire up their practice. If you are not sure which one to choose don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for advice or e-mail us here.

Power Yoga

Discover the power of Yoga. In this spicy class the focus will be on building strength, core and endurance. A spicy class for all yogi’s who like to be challenged.

Vinyasa (Flow)

With this classic Yoga style you move, reach, flex and breathe. Our vinyasa will leave you happy and energized. For all flow lovers.

Strength & Yin

In this class we combine strong poses (yang) with deep  stretches (yin). The best of both worlds, one of our favourites!

Flow for All

Whether you are just starting yoga or are looking for more insight in your practice, in this class we take time to deepen a pose. But don’t be afraid: it will still leave you satisfied and revived.

Humble Flow

In our Humble Flow class we move in a mindful pace. This allows us to focus on creating strength and space in a gentle way. Ideal for those who like it a bit slower and also very suitable when recovering from an injury.


Me-time: a moment for yourself. An hour long of deep muscle tissue stretches. Time to slow down and turn inward.


This dynamic class will be focussing on the quality of silence. Every exercise we do is also suitable for doing at home, so you will learn how to integrate the quality of silence, even in our busy city life. Very suitable when you are new to meditation and looking to incorporate it in your lifestyle.

Kids Yoga

For our tiny warriors in the age of 3 to 4. We will play around with balance, coordination and concentration. Subscription only.